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A simple idea becomes a trend…

A year ago we noticed the lack in the Greek market of a platform that can bring together the best activities for someone to exercise, have fun, escape from everyday life. The initial thought was that this process should be so simple that it would encourage the visitor to look for something new or search among alternatives for what he likes just as easily. The idea took shape with his platform efun

Our vision…

  • To INSPIRE more and more people to include Sports, Games, Entertainment in their daily lives.
  • To HELP improve the daily lives of those who trust us.
  • To ENSURE an environment where searching, booking and therefore accessing activities will be done in an increasingly easy way.


Our target…

  • To be a point of reference in the field of service provision, redefining the way one could have direct access to all sports activities and not only.
  • To create a unique customer-centric service that will provide immediate, complete and valid information, while at the same time it will be a valuable booking management tool for our partner.


Welcome to the new trend that builds the efun