The company with the name “EAZY IKE” and the distinctive title “” (hereinafter referred to as “organizer”), based in Galati, Attica, organizes promotional activities (“competitions”) through the official channels of the company (Facebook, Instagram, Website).

Contestants will be informed of the contest along with the actions required to be taken for their participation to be valid and the prizes given, through the company’s social media and website.


Natural persons, who have reached the age of 18 and have legal capacity, are eligible to participate. In the event that the entrant is under 18 there must be consent to enter from the parent or guardian and in the event that the entrant is drawn as a winner the receipt must be made by the parent or guardian who gave consent to enter.


Excluded from the competitions are the executives and employees/employees of ‘’, the executives and employees/employees of its subsidiaries, as well as the spouses and relatives of the above mentioned natural persons by blood or marriage up to the second (b) degree.

In addition, entries with content that is offensive to public decency and morality or that contains ambiguities or other technical defects will not be accepted. Also, entries containing content that is offensive to honour and dignity towards Public or Administrative or Ecclesiastical Authority or any third party), content that is abusive, inflammatory, racist, or subject to the applicable laws or otherwise inappropriate in the absolute discretion of the organiser will be disqualified.

Winners will be notified by the same means by which their entry was submitted.

Winners are required to respond within a period of 3 days. Winners who fail to respond to contact to inform us of their full contact details (first name, surname, address & postcode) or to an attempt to contact them or it is found that they did not meet the appropriate entry requirements, will forfeit the relevant right, in which case the above company is released from any obligation to the winners and the company has the right to proceed to contact the first alternate.

The company will announce the winners on the company’s social media one week after the draw and after having contacted the winners by telephone and, if necessary, the alternates.


The prize can be picked up by each winner by arrangement with the aforementioned company. The prize can be collected by the winner himself/herself after identification of his/her details by showing his/her identity card. In the event that he/she cannot attend the prize collection, he/she must appoint a legal representative, whose details must also be identified together with those of the winner, upon receipt of the prizes.


We will collect and retain your personal information necessary for the execution of this transaction as well as to keep you informed about our activities and products
These will be held by us on our premises. Access to this information will be available to our employees who are involved in our transaction or perform the processing for which you have given your consent and to third parties we use as processors to perform the transaction between us or to provide us with services relevant to the purposes for which we collect your personal data. We will retain your information for the completion of the transaction and thereafter to secure our legitimate interests and/or legal obligations and until any claims you or we have against you have lapsed or for 45 days from the date hereof for the other processing purposes set out herein or in other circumstances to which we are entitled or required by law. Your information may be transferred within or outside the EU for processing in accordance with the purposes hereof. If transferred outside the EU, the provisions of applicable law will always be complied with to fully ensure the privacy of your personal information and all your legal rights in this regard. In any case, you may contact us as indicated above to obtain any information you wish regarding your personal data, to request its modification, restriction, increase or cessation of its use, its total or partial deletion. For any matter concerning the processing of your personal data that you consider to be unlawful, you may contact the Data Protection Authority.


By accepting the terms and conditions of participation in the competition, each participant declares unconditionally that he/she does not infringe any third party rights, in particular copyright, right of personality and right to the name of any third party. During the contest, any comments that are defamatory, obscene, that may violate the copyright or other rights of third parties or that contain any illegal content will be deleted from the page. Participants must act lawfully and within the limits of these terms and conditions and user and business customs, assuming exclusively any related civil or criminal liability
Participants in the competition provide their consent and authorization to the organizing company for the promotion of the competition and its results through the print and electronic press, social media. Thus, the company reserves for itself the right to use and publish any news item related to the awarding and drawing of the prize for promotional purposes, and everyone’s participation in the contest automatically has the consent to this effect. Participation shall automatically confer in respect of the aforementioned and the consent and assignment of the necessary copyright free of charge, without any financial claim or demand on the participants and without payment to them of any fee or compensation. By accepting the terms and conditions, the winner also consents to the publication of his/her win on the social media of the organizing company.


No product purchase is required to participate in the competition.

Entrants are solely responsible for the complete and correct completion and submission of their details. The company relies on the accuracy, truth and legality of the information in the statements made by the participants/friends and in the context of this competition and is not obliged or able to verify the above. Incomplete or incorrect or untrue completion of entrants’ details entitles the Promoter to cancel their participation in the competition. Entrants must behave in good faith and in accordance with good morals throughout the duration of the competition and must not cause offence to the image of the Promoter. Failure to do so may result in the company, at its sole discretion, cancelling entries, with the result that entrants will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

Participants expressly declare that they have accepted the terms and conditions of registration on social media and consequently waive any related claims against the company. Furthermore, the company is not liable for any damage to the social media resulting in the temporary or permanent interruption of the competition or the cancellation of some entries due to a technical problem. The company is not responsible in case of technical problems during the user’s connection to the internet, due either to unforeseen failure of its equipment (force majeure) or to failures or weaknesses of telecommunication networks or technical equipment and software.

The right and the possibility of participating in the competition exist only for the duration of the competition as defined above. Any attempt to participate before or after the above-mentioned dates of the competition will be null and void.

The prizes are specific, personal and cannot be exchanged or substituted for another or redeemed for cash at any price. The prizes to be delivered under these terms and conditions are provided in the condition in which they are and are found, to the exclusion of the application of the seller’s liability provisions or other provisions establishing liability in respect of actual or legal defects, agreed qualities, etc. to the above company. The obligation of the above company is limited to the delivery of the goods.

The company’s liability is limited solely to the supply of the gifts specified above. The above company shall not be liable in any criminal or civil liability to any winner or any third party for any accident and/or damage and/or for any bodily or other injury caused to them directly or indirectly related to the prizes and their use or for any other cause
Entrants do not have or acquire any rights whatsoever in the trade marks, names, emblems and other distinctive signs of the Promoter.

The results of the draw may not be challenged or contested by any legal action.

The winner, at any stage, including that of prize utilisation, may be disqualified for the following reasons: (a) in the event that, for any reason, he/she fails to accept these terms and conditions in full, all of which are deemed to be material (b) in the event that his/her entry does not comply with any of the terms herein (c) in the event that any of the information provided is false. (d) in the event that, for any reason, an attempt to contact the winner to use the prize is unsuccessful (e) in the event that, for any reason, the winner is not found as specified above or is found late in using the prize. In the event that the entry is cancelled after the prize has been awarded, the Company reserves the right, in addition to any other claim, to claim a refund of the prize awarded. After the expiration of the contest period and the return of the prize to the winner, any obligation of the above company ceases to exist and does not assume any future obligation towards the participants in the above contest.

The company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to unilaterally modify all the terms of this contest and the draw that will follow, to shorten or extend its duration, to interrupt, cancel or cancel this contest.

The applicable law is Greek law. The Courts of Athens shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute relating to the tender, concerning the validity, interpretation and application of any term of the tender and, in general, any question relating to the tender, whether during or after the tender, including proceedings relating to injunctions and enforcement.



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