Difficult Level Difficult


Duration duration-100

Έως 2,5 ώρες

Period or Operation period-100

Απρ - Οκτ

Spoken languages language-100


Minimum Age age2-100

Από 10 ετών

Cancellation Policy policy-100


Ratings rating-100


Location location-100


Discover scuba diving in Naxos

Ever wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to learn but aren’t quite ready to take part in a certification program, Discover Scuba Diving will allow you to try scuba diving to see if you like it…

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Bubblemaker diving for children in Naxos

Bubblemaker is an introductory program for our little ones who want to experience the beauty of the deep. The duration of Bubblemaker is 1,5 hours. At a depth of just 2 meters, children learn to explore the underwater kingdom. Under the close supervision of our instructors, they will learn to swim wearing SCUBA equipment and just have fun. Colorful Bubblemaker banners, stickers, towels and toys along with special certification cards will make this an unforgettable experience…

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