Difficult Level Difficult


Duration duration-100

Έως 5 ώρες

Period or Operation period-100

Ιαν - Δεκ

Spoken languages language-100


Minimum Age age2-100

Για όλες τις ηλικίες

Cancellation Policy policy-100


Ratings rating-100


Location location-100


Meet the autochthonous Rhodian tour

Capture the essence of AUTHENTIC Rhodes! Taste a sophisticated island wine on an open terrace overlooking the rows of vines kissed by the…

Διάβασε περισσότερα

Explore the Medieval city of Rhodes

A local certified guide introduces you to the vibrant Unesco World Heritage Site. The purpose of this tour is to highlight the experience of discovering this famous …

Διάβασε περισσότερα

Wine tasting & guided tour in the butterfly valley of Rhodes

The must-see and must be tour! Hush, hush … thousands of butterflies rest here! The Butterfly Valley is one of the most attractive destinations on the island and is a …

Διάβασε περισσότερα

Guided tour of Lindos and demonstration of Rhodian pottery

No one leaves Rhodes without visiting Lindos! With this private tour, you can visit the island’s most popular village and experience one of the most …

Διάβασε περισσότερα



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