Difficult Level Difficult


Duration duration-100

Έως 7 ώρες

Period or Operation period-100

Μαρ - Νοε

Spoken languages language-100


Minimum Age age2-100

Από 12 ετών

Cancellation Policy policy-100


Ratings rating-100


Location location-100


Horseback riding in Papigo for advanced riders – “Prophet Elias” route

The course is a bit more challenging, ranging from moderate to difficult, and is designed for individuals who have some prior riding experience and are a little more adventurous or active. We return to Megalo Papigo’s tiny cobblestone alleyways to access a dirt path that leads to the abandoned settlement of Ano Klidonia…

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Riding 30 minutes near the Great Papigo – Route “Saddle”

Our most basic ride is a 30-minute ride that begins at Sela, just outside of Megalo Papigo’s hamlet. The track winds its way through various huge fields, little walkways, sidewalks, and a dirt road built by local shepherds (cow and goat) to get to their isolated stables. Before the town became a tourist destination, it passed through…

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Adventure riding near the Great Papigo for advanced riders – Route “Agia Kyriaki”

This is a moderate to challenging path that is not suitable for novices. It’s fairly adventurous, and you may have to get on and off the horse as well as ride it at certain times. The rides take us well over Megalo Papigo hamlet, providing views of the canyon, cliffs, and settlements below…

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All-day riding with picnic near Papigo – Route “Koula”

This route is intermediate in difficulty; however, the length makes it more difficult for novices. Because we canter on the course, some prior riding expertise is required. We’ll leave the Papigo and travel to Ano Klidonia, an abandoned settlement…

Διάβασε περισσότερα

Riding in Papigo for beginners and intermediate riders – Route “Liaskovetsi”

The simple to moderate level is in the direction of the stream’s springs, which supply the communities with water. We leave the village on cobblestone roads and follow the dirt road to the other end…

Διάβασε περισσότερα


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