Difficult Level Difficult


Duration duration-100

Έως 9 ημέρες

Period or Operation period-100

Μαρ - Οκτ

Spoken languages language-100


Minimum Age age2-100

Από 12 ετών

Cancellation Policy policy-100


Ratings rating-100


Location location-100


Kitesurfing lessons in Kos

Kitesurfing classes are available at Windzone for both beginners and expert riders. You have the option of taking a private or group lesson. Windzone’s instructors are very personable while still focused on the quality of the training. Classes are usually 2 hours long for single lessons and 3 hours long for…

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Kitesurfing rental in Kos

First and foremost, if you are a kitesurfer, the Windzone position, at 300 meters, is the closest to the kitezone area. You will be outfitted with top-of-the-line kite equipment in excellent condition, and…

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Windsurfing in Kos
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